If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video can speak millions!

Videos are one of the most effective formats for promotional materials. Whether it is to demonstrate how your products work, share client testimonials, or demonstrating your expertise, videos can be engaging, entertaining, informative and easy to consume. Therefore, videos often perform much better in terms of reach and engagements on trackable marketing channels.

Although having a full camera crew and production team can create extraordinary videos that can make your team look like The Avengers, not all startups and small businesses have the budget to hire a large crew. This is how I came to start helping companies produce and edit promotional videos filmed on smartphone cameras with resolutions up to 4K.

Past Projects

Mayfair Hair Solutions Services Introduction

  • Filmed on a smartphone in high definition
  • Video Editing

Camellia Treasures Tea TV Commercial

  • Voiceover narration
  • Video Editing

Rootganic Education Platform Introduction

  • Video Editing